September 6, 2010

yes please

so in addition to the wedding cake (it's looking like it'll be red velvet, fiance's vote...and I'm not complaining) and cheesecake; both made by my grandmother, and chocolate dipped strawberries made by a friend's sister...we felt we needed more. Well look what my internet scouring mama found: Old Style Desserts
Fabulous little pastries and baked goods. They ship fully prepared and frozen and all you do is defrost and go! Easy peasy. The prices are less than $2 a piece. Here's a few of my favorites:
Art deco minis (vanilla cake filled with hazelnut, chocolate, or caramel)
Mini Canolis (Crispy Cannoli shells filled with vanilla pastry cream and cannoli cream. garnished with chocolate chips)
 Lemon Meringue Minis

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