September 22, 2010


busy busy busy. the meetings are almost over at work. But then project start up will begin and it will be hectic some more. I'm still working 9-10+ hour days. Still loving it but I'm so drained. It took me three days to work up the energy (and notice I was out of towels) to do laundry...

There's been discovery of an illness in the (close) family. unsettling but we're incredibly optimistic. still. it makes all those wedding details pretty insignificant. this family member definitely still wants us to continue on as planned, it gives something to look forward to. at this point I could care less whether we have tablecloths as long at they are at the table you know?

I find that these life events, good, bad, and otherwise help me focus on what's important instead of adding stress to THE WEDDING. makes me care less and less about the wedding and more and more about the marriage that will be happening.

also. I think i'm hitting pro-status in the delegation department. It's almost like I have nothing to do (except goals below). which is a GOOD thing friends.

Goal: send out save-the-dates before october starts... (let's forget I wanted to get these out a month ago)
pre-goal: get everyone's addresses...

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  1. Sorry to hear about the bad news; I wish your family health. It sounds like you have a great perspective in the face of these troubles, though.