December 7, 2010

let there be internet!

finalllllyyyy got the internet installed.  I've missed this. and you guys. I can't believe miss anna's all marriaged now!

it's been a busy past few weeks. moving, thanksgiving, craziness at work, both of our birthdays! too busy, I told fiance I can't wait for life to be boring again just so I can get some more sleep, and catch up on my shows (and not have 892 unread blog posts in google reader)...but at this point that won't be happening until after the wedding. I wouldn't recommend moving the weekend before thanksgiving, at least we weren't hosting! The living areas of our little place are actually looking quite presentable, but perhaps that is because of the spare bedroom/office/storage/i-don't-know-where-to-put-this-so-it-goes-in-here room of death. there isn't even a walking path right now. and me, the messy chaotic one is dying over it even with the door closed. we'll get there right?

Definitely need to FIND the printer so I can get those invitations printed up...before christmas. yikes deadlines are looming. Cousin has been coming up with some super awesome ideas for the bridal shower and bachelorette. can't wait! We're locking in a contract with our photographer friend. and with the florist. My mom's friend Suzy is DIY-ing to her heart's content. We mapped out a floor plan for the reception and my mother has begun ordering different items online. We're trying to finalize honeymoon plans. I feel like a broken record, just continually reciting my to-do list (which keeps growing), maybe in hopes that I won't forget anything.

We're under 90 days what??? Hearing that really threw fiance into gear, kind of a reality check. so this whole wedding thing is actually real?


  1. Good Lord, congrats on the internet-having. I don't know how you guys did without it for as long as you did!! You're a better person than I must be . . . ;)

    Deadlines are stressful for sure, but I bet things will at least feel a bit more focused after the holidays.

    A happy belated birthday to you both!

  2. Yay!!!

    Don't stress, focus but don't stress!