December 11, 2010


ok, time to unload. With the move and work being so crazy I feel like I barely have time to eat, much less do anything else. I'm one of those people who absolutely needs to get 8 hours of sleep per night or I will turn into a crazy person. Which when I started thinking about it, means I have THREE hours every day where I'm not working/sleeping/commuting/getting ready for work/bed. THREE hours to make/eat dinner, catch up on bills/emails, and spend time with fiance. I know its one of those "welcome to the real world" things, but it's killing me. I feel like the world is moving so fast and I'm missing everything. My to-do list keeps growing because I just keep adding to it but don't actually have time to accomplish anything on it. My wedding boxes are somewhere in our room of death and it's driving me nuts. And moving from a studio by myself to a 2 bedroom with a messy boy means a whole lot of cleaning and picking up (we're working on splitting up the definition of cleanliness is just a bit different from his).

We REALLY need to order our wedding bands, but I'm still paying off the outrageous amount of money from getting my car fixed before I can put something else on my credit card. Because we definitely can't pay out of pocket right now. All the utilities were included at my last place, but now I'm dealing with all these bills coming in. And they each seem to have around $100 of deposit/one time/installation type charges. Yes, Fiance is helping pay, but they've been cutting back his hours at work, to about 29, which is pretty sucky so I'm carrying a lot of this myself. My christmas bonus from work is going toward bills. I can't even celebrate that first bonus by going out to dinner, buying myself something, or even buying christmas presents for people.

I know things won't be like this forever. it's just a lot all at once. and  77 days before the wedding.

By the end of this weekend I will have managed to spend time with 2 of my bridesmaids and see some family. Hopefully that will rejuvenate me enough to face another week.

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