December 29, 2010

honey do list

I'm back from our whirlwind trip home for Christmas, it was a nice mental break. and now back to the 12 hour days at work! But to backtrack, the same night I wrote that last post, Fiance came home from work close to 10 pm and surprised me along with his friends all dressed up in santa hats and antler headbands with presents. Totally put me in the christmas spirit, it was adorable. Reason #20934897 why I'm marrying that man.

We got a few things accomplished while home. Bought Fiance's suit for the wedding. And since Men's Warehouse was having their Buy One Get One Free Sale (anything in the store, seriously ANYTHING), he got 2 of everything. We also set up suit rentals for the groomsman. I agree rented suits usually fit horribly and they're pretty cookie cutter (which is why we decided to buy one for Fiance, plus every man needs a nice suit or 2). However, the majority of our boys don't own a suit and aren't really in a position to spend the money on one. Each of them is so completely different from the next, they'll stand out on their own accord.

We worked out some details for Bridal Shower #2 which my mom will be hosting in Northern California.

My mom showed me her stash of wedding decor that is slowly taking over my old bedroom. milk glass vases, candles galore (really amazing flameless pillar candles actually, gorgeous!) silver platters, beverage dispensers, a couple really awesome twinkly light branches, and cheese board slates. Soon to be added to the pile: table cloths and napkins.

We taste tested some amazing pastries we found online, if you scroll down almost to the bottom you'll find the miniature desserts and pastries. They're totally pre-made and are shipped to you frozen in a well-insulated package. They're pretty and DELICIOUS. We're going to order a few different kinds to add to the dessert buffet. YUM.

My mom worked out a contract with the florist. My new choice of bouquet (anemones) is about 10% of what it originally was for the lily-of-the-valley. score.

I wasn't really sure what I would be doing the night before the wedding. I had sort of planned on staying at my parents and getting ready there, but there's not enough room for the rest of the girls to stay overnight and it's totally the opposite direction from the ceremony/reception sites. Plus it's going to be super hectic because my grandparents will be staying there and my grandma will be working on the cake. So my dear mother came up with an excellent plan. There's an adorable tiny little bed & breakfast across the street from the church. My parents offered to pay for my girls and I to stay there the night before the wedding. So Friday we'll have the rehearsal at the church, walk around the corner to this awesome Chicago style pizza place for the rehearsal dinner and then just walk back to the B&B, spend the night and get ready all together Saturday. I love this plan. One last night with all my girls, and it's super convenient.

We're less than 2 months away! So excited!

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  1. Sounds like things are really moving along! Hope you get at least a couple of days of quiet time before the craziness of the 'home stretch.' Happy New Year!