November 10, 2010

pack it up

Hmmm, my to-do list is suddenly growing a mile a minute. At the same time that my bank account is quickly shrinking. It'll bounce back, just too many bills and payments all at once. Because...we got an apartment! Found it Saturday, turned in applications Sunday, got approved Monday and paid the deposit today. Since it's vacant now we're going to get the keys TOMORROW. This is happening fast! SO exciting, but fast. Since I just put in my 30 days on Monday we can take our time stretching out the moving process, but still, Fiance and I will be living together by Thanksgiving! It's exactly where we've been wanting to live: a great little, quiet neighborhood but still only a mile from downtown Burbank which is super adorable. Hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a REAL kitchen (stove AND dishwasher), fireplace(!), central air...and all within our budget. And also 2.3 miles from where my job will be moving to in December. SCORE.

Now it's time to decide on a photography package from the awesome miss shannon
determine how many and what size tables we'll be renting, not to place the rental order but to buy tablecloths
get the printer set up (in our NEW place) to start spitting out invites
and actually assemble a shower guest list with addresses for lady cousin friend

Even though we're entering that phase that everyone dubs "boring wedding action time" now I have apartment decorating to occupy my creative endeavors. Because moving from a studio to a 2 bedroom means emptiness. Time to start hitting the flea markets!

(not so excited to have to pack and unpack again after moving only 4 months ago...)

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