July 15, 2010

new beginning

posting from my local neighborhood coffee shop because there's still no internet at my little studio apartment. Fiance and I are loving the fact that we only live 15 minutes away from each other! I can even just hop on the metro (which I take to work everyday!) straight to his area. I've seen him every day since friday, it's so exciting.

we had more wedding discussions and he is furiously putting together the playlist. Fiance's parents have had multiple big (as in 130 people) parties at their house before, which is why we feel comfortable and confident hosting the reception there. I was trying to get an estimate for rentals, turns out, my future inlaws already have 100 dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and sets of silverware. WHAT!? awesomeness. they bought them a while back knowing that they'll at least use them for their christmas parties each year. hello moneysaver. also they know a rental company that can get us: big quality tent, tables, chairs, space heaters (feb. in norcal can be chilly...) and glasses/cups for dirt cheap. helpful I tell you.

hopefully I can get internet going so I can post some more! time to go unpack MORE boxes (I never want to move again!)


  1. Oh wow, that is handy . . . can't get much better than free!

  2. My in-laws and their friends all pass around the same set of 400 silver place setting chargers. All their kids use them for their weddings in St. Louis.