July 19, 2010


miss you guys. I still don't have internet at my apartment so I have to go to a coffee shop down the street. I might not get it at all, because I can't commit to a 12 month contract and I'd like to save $40 a month...but I almost had a heart attack when I saw 500 unread posts in my google reader. So I've been weeding out the blogs. I've also been doing a lot of letting go of material items too. Moving made me realize how much of a packrat I am. And how much I attach sentimental value to completely unnecessary items. I realized every photo I've ever saved of houses that I love are super minimal, which is totally not my life right now. So I'm getting down to the essentials. Which I'll need to do even more of when fiance and I move in together in a few months. People, not things. I'd rather have plenty of seating and money for groceries so I can enjoy having friends and family over instead of just cool knick knacks. Which, really, is our (attempted) philosophy for our wedding.

Um almost 7 months till the wedding! it's going to start going fastttt. SOON on the list? save-the-dates. 

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  1. Take your time and don't feel bad if you need to slow down.

    We'll all be here! No worries!