July 3, 2010


so if you've ever seen my other blog, you'll know I'm a sucker for videos full of love and joy and people bursting into song. I am a fan of musicals, was even in a few in my elementary and middle schools (despite my utter inability to carry a tune...I was usually part of the dancing ensemble in the background).

As I was trying to take a break from (aka avoid) packing and perusing the archives of the delightful and darling life according to celia I stumbled across this gem.

I was a sobbing mess at the end, watch the bride's face, it is priceless. Talk about celebrating love in a community. One of fiance's groomsman offered to write and sing a song for us at the reception (!) YES PLEASE! He is a musician in a Sacramento local band and his older brother is a successful musician as well. Though it will be more of a slow rock ballad than musical theatre style.

I'm so excited to have a celebration that molds all of our nearest and dearest's talents together into one big love fest. I will DEFINITELY have a hanky on hand on my wedding day. You guys, I cry during the HGTV room makeover reveals. I suppose I should start researching industrial strength waterproof makeup because the regular stuff won't stand a chance against my tear ducts.

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