July 2, 2010


so I guess fiance read my entire blog like...yesterday. hehe he loves it. I guess I don't talk to him enough about wedding stuff because he didn't realize how much thought I had put into everything. My bad. But now that we'll be living 15 minutes away from each other (yay!!!) planning things together will be a whole lot easier. I almost got stuck in traffic on my way home from having lunch with him (and dropping off apt paperwork) because I left later than expected. We got caught up talking about wedding stuff. He is just as excited as I am and wants to be involved every step of the way.

Fiance's getting started on the official music playlist. And there will definitely be more than just mushy love songs. Including a Johnny Cash cover of a Beatles song and The Replacements. I swear I love him for reasons other than eclectic musical taste. He might even be making a guest appearance here! He's trying to be a writer for a living so he will be far more witty and eloquent than myself. Also he said I'm allowed to use his actual name but, hey we're only going to be engaged for 15 months of our lives, I want to call him Fiance as much as possible. :)

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