April 17, 2011

what's in a name?

So I'm in a weird place name-wise. I always knew I would take Husband's last name. But the marriage certificate hasn't come yet (it's been almost 2 months? maybe I should make a phone call...) so officially I still have my maiden name. I changed it on FB, and when I started telling people what the new name would be, the general consensus was that it sounded natural, it flowed, like it had always been my name (probably helps that half of Husband's family has J first names, including him! ...we're going to have the same first, middle AND last initials). But since it's not my legal name yet, I've noticed lately I'm conflicted when I have to tell people. I was at the pharmacy today and I actually had to think for a second, which last name to say when asked my name. I guess that's a sign I've made the right decision for me. I can't wait to change it legally so everything else can be changed. Even at work, my email is maiden name first initial, my email signature is still my maiden name (it's going to get confusing there's a lot of people I communicate with regularly on a daily basis, in different parts of the country, that I've never met), my business cards are old. But women do this all the time right? I feel like I'm doing this radical thing, taking on a new name to better shape my new identity, even though that's completely the opposite of how things are in this day and age of feminism. Anyway, random thoughts aside, my new last name is pretty awesome, I love it.

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  1. I once talked to a woman on the phone who said she hadn't changed her email since she got married. I told her congrats and asked her how long since she got married. She said 4 years. Don't be that lady. Haha.