April 16, 2011

Never Gonna Let You Down

So music was a big part of our day. Husband spent a lot of time piecing together this playlist. With minor help from me.

Dylan played while the bridesmaids and groomsman came down the aisle, along with our moms (mine escorted by my little brother, husband escorted his). I came down the aisle to "Us" by Regina Spektor. So epic, so happy and beautiful. it was perfect. And "You Are the Best Thing" was the perfect exit from the ceremony music. The horn section kills me every time, so upbeat!

{yeah I discovered the song from 500 Days of Summer and maybe I included this video because the only celeb I've ever been told I looked like was Zooey. I'll take it!}

Here's the Reception. Sweet Thing was our first dance. It's the song that was playing when Husband proposed. I danced to Ballerina with my dad, I did ballet for 14 years, and it's a very sweet song.

Our playlist was very eclectic but I trusted Husband with it. It was very representative of our taste in music and iconic songs from our relationship. We didn't even make it through the whole playlist, the reception ended up lasting about 4ish hours. People began to leave on their own, so that by the time the majority of the guests had left and it was just family and wedding party essentially, we changed and left for the honeymoon around 6:30. (Ceremony had started at 1 and Husband and I arrived at the Reception by 2:30 - food was already there for guests, hors d'ouevres meant they didn't have to wait for us). The timing of the day worked out really well for us.

Also, see the 2nd to last song? "Righteously" by Lucinda Williams? Yeah that ACTUALLY is "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. Yes Husband Rick Rolled me at our wedding (He renamed it since it's my iTunes account so I wouldn't notice). Right before the father-daughter dance. And it was hilarious. Husband spends a lot of time on online message boards and is well versed in rick rolling. The majority of our guests had no idea what was going on including my dad. But it was funny nonetheless. Oh Husband! (he also has a rick roll app on his phone! I love that boy! =D)

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