April 11, 2011

disjointed recap

Last week was a good week. Maybe it's because I got to spend all day Sunday with husband, walking everywhere in in our little town (church, crepes, frozen yogurt, cheap rentals at going-out-of-business blockbuster). Maybe because we got our wedding photos (amazinggggg!!! too. many. to. choose.) Maybe because I found out difficult co-worker was quitting and Friday was his last day (goodbye negativity!). Maybe it's because we've been spending time with and celebrating 2 weeks with this little guy:
{Meet Raphael! our adopted little one}

Unfortunately that meant neglecting le blog. So...yes wedding photos are in. Also received a disc of the film shots that best man took. so overwhelming. and so happy! Our photographers did such a good job capturing the joy of the day and our loved ones. I actually had to dig through the fb posted shots from family and friends to find some of the detail shots of the decor (because priorities=people thankyouverymuch...also food, but photographer got some awesome food shots because duh, we're on the same wavelength)

So here's some more fb photos until I have time to sort through the 300+ edited shots: 
{see awesome vintage fox fur stole bridesmaid Shawntel let me borrow, it belonged to her great-grandma! Also, behind me, a non-alcoholic beverage: lavender lemonade}

{plates full of our delish hors d'oeuvres/fruit/cheese, wine from the bar}
I will admit, I only tried 3 of the hors d'ouevres, a slice of cake, a couple pastries, one glass of chardonnay and one glass of champagne. I didn't do so awesome in the "eat tons of food at my wedding" department. I really love to eat but I didn't realize how much I would spend making the rounds and chatting with everyone. I did eat In-N-Out burger before the ceremony though (it was next door to our hotel!):

So that kind of balances it all out right? Husband and I might have also splurged on room service later that night. mostly because I've never had room service at a hotel before!

Anyway, back to the decorations:
{gift table at the entry, with some branches (mixed with artificial branches that had twinkly lights) in the background including the antique birdcage}

{this was a big hit. It was a display that we rented from a beverly's fabric store for $30, we filled all the buckets with bunches of flowers and had squares of brown paper off the to side so guests could take home bouquets. just about everyone took some home, and had so much fun putting together bouquets! There were hardly any flowers left by the end of the day}
{cake table! The awesomely yummy cake that grandma made. Everyone was so impressed that my grandma made it}

A little "before/during" cake action:
The state of my parent's kitchen Thursday before the wedding, grandma took over. p.s. that Kitchenaid mixer? yeah it's 40-45 years old. Can you believe it?! The cord was one piece of electrical tape away from electrocuting us. But it worked awesomely.

Pretty cakes! The bottom was vanilla with lemon curd filling, the middle was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting filling, and the top was chocolate with chocolate fudge filling (which we left at Husband's mom's house on accident).

{all photos by family/friends/myself}

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  1. Those cake layers sound delish!