February 16, 2011

ice cream and cake

So I told you guys my grandma's making the cake. She's quite the baker. She made my parent's wedding cake among many others. Well, when we started planning it out, she brought over these bad boys:
Yes my friends, cake decorating books from the 60s. I'm so in love.

As my mom said, her cakes are so tasty, but she is just as stubborn as every other member of my family. You can give her some suggestions, but she's gonna do whatever the heck she wants. I'm cool with that. {Flavor > looks} in my book when it comes to food.
My cake will probably end up looking something like this, but with real flowers instead of the sugar tulips. pillars and all. Retro yum.
{fun fact: my grandma used to go to tapings of "let's make a deal" with her best friend and dressed up as a baker, complete with a mini cake, every. single. time}


  1. Retro lovely! You have to go all out if you go retro!!

  2. When I was little I was always daydreaming about being a contestant on a game show or wishing I could at least be in the audience. I was so sad when I found out they weren't filming Let's Make A Deal anymore. I'm so jealous of your grandma! One wish did come true though; I went to a taping of The Price Is Right a few months before Bob Barker retired- awesomesauce!