January 5, 2010

van the man

one of our all time favorite musicians is Van Morrison. One of the very musicians I NEVER get sick of listening to. R&B influenced blues-y rock coming from a man from Northern Ireland? yes please. Since we don't plan on any crazy clubbing dance music, we're basically going to just play all van morrison. He's got some fun upbeat stuff to lighten the mood, plus lots of romantic slower tunes for dancing. Plus great background music for all the eating that we definitely plan on doing.

One of Fiance's favorite songs ever, and now mine too will be featured as our first dance. It's very beautiful and emotional. I also happen to have it on vinyl, hopefully we can get the record player set up! I think everything sounds better on vinyl.

Because I'm not very blogger-savvy still, and the only youtube videos are of people playing covers, the only way I could give you a listen is to embed in on the site. So if you'd like a listen, it's on the right under labels.

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