January 19, 2010

playing games

Since we're going for a more casual, appetizer style reception with more sitting around chatting with loved ones than crazy dancing I found some great little ideas to help keep people interacting and entertained (especially little ones, I hope there's a lot of little ones, I just love them!) I've seen a couple weddings with tables set aside with board games and I LOVE that idea. Fiance' and I are totally addicted to board games. When we're bored (and not watching movies) then we go to target and look at board games. We've spent countless hours playing risk, monopoly city (so much better than the original!), clue and life. His mom is totally pro at Scrabble, she's got the dictionary and everything.

battleship and trivial pursuit!

(via a practical wedding)
 (via rock and roll bride)
cute used as place cards. even though we're not doing the whole seated meal thing.

I think we'll even register for the vintage boxed ones. (We already have the stratego version!)
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  1. I love my board games too. Insanely competitive with it! There will also be a few games consoles as between my boy, his brothers and best boys, my brother we have quite a few!