January 21, 2010


The plan is to have the ceremony in a small, gold rush era church near home. It is beautiful, and accompanying my simple aesthetic, won't need much decor at all. I've been looking for something that will be easy to put in and easy to remove, since we only have a 3 hour window.

baby's breath seems to be making a comeback, when used in simple bunches it is really pretty. Like fluffy clouds!

(via snippet and ink)

This is my favorite. I love Gladiolas, and they're nice and tall with blossoms all the way up the stalk to reach up the pews.
(via theknot)

and of course buckets of lavender. we could also alternate and use multiple types, we'll see what time/budget allows!
(via the brides cafe)

Next I'll start thinking about the altar. I plan to visit when I'm home in March (I've never been inside).

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